StaXx® Expandable Device


There are many complications following spine fusion surgeries that involved the StaXx® Expandable Device (“StaXx®”). The StaXx® is placed in between the vertebrae and then expanded by squeezing a surgical gun. The disc is removed and the StaXx® is placed in the space previously occupied by the disc.

The StaXx® is sold by Spine Wave. On its website, Spine Wave indicates that the use of the StaXx® results in “less bone removal and nerve retraction” because it is considered “low profile” compared to its competitors. Spine Wave also claims the “expandable design” conforms to the “cavity of the endplates” and maximizes “surface area contact”. Yet, the clients we represent have had their StaXx® device which was placed in their spine break, move and/or cause permanent nerve damage. It is of note that the StaXx® is made out of brittle plastic rather than strong titanium.

If you have suffered any of these complications after the placement of the StaXx®, please call our law firm for a free consultation.

Stephanie BrundageStaXx® Expandable Device