Charles R. Houssiere III

Senior Partner


In my legal practice I have endeavored to advance the cause of justice and human welfare for those who cannot help themselves and are damaged in person and property, by improper use of science; who must therefore seek redress at law.Charles R. Houssiere III

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Linda Durant Houssiere

Managing Partner


I believe the practice of law is the bedrock of our country. My grandfather was a lawyer as were all three of his sons, including my father. The legacy my family gave me forms the foundation upon which I’ve practiced law for 25 years. I have been blessed and thrilled to represent more than 1,500 clients, who have suffered personal injuries, most against large national companies. This David and Goliath story is replayed over and over in my practice, I strongly believe that a committed attorney can bring an injured individual justice under our great American legal system.Linda Durant Houssiere

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Monica Vaughan



As a lawyer for the people, not corporations, I have the unique opportunity to help protect individual rights and the court system I believe in so strongly. I became a plaintiff lawyer for this reason, and I cannot think of a more gratifying profession.Monica Vaughan

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Randal A. Kauffman



My goal is to always help my client. I get the greatest satisfaction from using the law to benefit my client’s life. That’s why I’m an attorney.Randal A. Kauffman

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